Gia Decor has been established by Artist and Decorate Designer Gia Basilia. An honor graduate, Gia Basilia has a Master of Arts in Commercial Design from Georgia Academy of Fine Arts. He possesses Diploma in Painting and Porcelain & Faience Products. Gia’s background in both sculpture and painting and special passion for color and design plays a big role in his artwork .Gia’s artwork will give you as much joy as it did while creating it!

When designing your walls, Gia Decor draws on a range of authentic period motifs – ranging from Egyptian and Greco-roman, to contemporary patterns while carefully choosing colors, plasters, textures and stencils.

Gia Decor creates a unique and personalized look for your space to satisfy your tastes whether they are dramatic, elegant, traditional or modern.
Gia Decor designs custom art to fit the decor of your home or office.
Gia Decor works closely with interior designers, architects and builders to provide customized faux finishes.